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Life After You Publish: The Perils

One of my good friends is Gerry Bartlett. She’s been writing vampire romances for many years and is a very active member of a local chapter of Romance Writers of America. She also writes a monthly article for their newsletter … Continue reading

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Monday Advice from Editors and Agents: Is Your Plot Contrived?

Today’s advice comes from Larry Brooks, a critically-acclaimed bestselling author of four psychological thrillers, in addition to his work as a freelance writer and writing instructor (he also pitched for the Texas Rangers, among other careers). His new book, Story … Continue reading

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Riffing on Fairy Tales: 25 Great Retellings

Where do you get your ideas? Every author gets asked that question after every book. Sometimes there is no easy answer. A character or a scene will suddenly appear and then a story weaves its way around until it becomes … Continue reading

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The Aha! Moment

There are two kinds of Aha! moments that fill me up with happiness. As a writer, I am over the moon when I suddenly break through the barrier that’s been holding me back and can see clear through a sticky … Continue reading

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The Ginormous Plot Hoax

Scam: a fraudulent or deceptive act. See also sham; hoax; swindle; run a con; cheat. All very good things for a writer to do. What? you say. Yes, I say. You need to quit meeting your readers’ expectations and, instead, … Continue reading

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