About this blog

Wordle gifTangled Words. Some days, tangled words are all an author can produce on the blank page. We have to hope our editing will tease out brilliance from the snarl.

While it’s absolutely true that the more you write the better you write, the ‘art’ of good writing is heavily dependent on our knowledge and use of writing craft. Join me in this blog, as I explore the writing process from A to Z — from archetypes to zombies and everything in between.

Some good friends — authors, editors, agents, copy editors, book doctors, etc. — will appear here from time to time. Not everything they say will apply to you or your work. Take what makes sense for you and leave the rest for someone else.

Remember the first rule of good writing: There are no rules.

–Donna Maloy

4 Responses to About this blog

  1. Good thing there are no rules, since I wouldn’t remember them anyway. Nice blog, Donna.


  2. theryanlanz says:

    Celia, I’d like to discuss one of your posts to be featured as a guest post on my writing blog. I don’t see a “contact me” portion, so I left it here. Please follow up with me on the “contact me” portion on my blog. http://www.RyanLanz.com

    Thank you.



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