Life After You Publish: The Perils

Perils of PublishingOne of my good friends is Gerry Bartlett. She’s been writing vampire romances for many years and is a very active member of a local chapter of Romance Writers of America. She also writes a monthly article for their newsletter about the Perils of Publishing.

Gerry’s articles are always funny, to-the-point, and right on the money. Check them out.

And for more tips about the writing craft, keep following this blog right here!

Celia and the Wolf 72dpi 2P.S. My first young adult book, Celia and the Wolf, is out for Kindle and paperback from Amazon.

Which one is the real monster? Celia Ashleigh, otherwise known as The Fox, is a shapeshifter and spy-in-training, like other firstborn Ashleighs. Remy Broussard and his sister are werewolves. But The Guardian of La Cluse is on a crusade to wipe out monsters like them. He’s kidnapped Remy’s little sister and plans to kill her when she changes for the first time. When Remy begs for help, Celia doesn’t hesitate to take on a real mission. But the closer Celia comes to finding the madman and his captive, the more dangerous her task becomes… and the more hopeless. What will happen if Celia makes a mistake and the hate-filled crusader discovers she is something more than human, too?

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About Donna Maloy, Author

Captivating romantic suspense. History, mystery, and sometimes... a little touch of fantasy.
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2 Responses to Life After You Publish: The Perils

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Donna. Loved Celia and the Wolf. You know how to write a great adventure story. Buy it, everyone!


  2. I believe your site has really
    remarkable material. Life After You Publish:
    The Perils | Tangled Words short article is a
    superior instance.


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