TeenWriter: The #WeWriteBooks Contest is almost here!

I just found out about this and couldn’t wait for TeenWriter Tuesday to tell you!

The #WeWriteBooks Contest will open NEXT WEDNESDAY, September 14.

Student in a library surrounded by piles of books

Submissions may be made from September 14 through September 28 OR UNTIL THEY GET 300 ENTRIES. So hurry up and enter!

If you are UNDER 21, don’t have an agent and are unpublished, then you’re eligible to enter.

Submit 3,000 words or less of your manuscript (preferably the FIRST 3,000 words).

Special formatting and submission rules are on the Go Teen Writers blog.


And good luck!

About Donna Maloy, Author

Captivating romantic suspense. History, mystery, and sometimes... a little touch of fantasy.
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