Friday Fun Fact: Could a Couple of Football Teams Have Built Stonehenge?

stonehenge-1480288_1920The smallest rock at Stonehenge weighs about a metric ton. Scientists have been arguing for decades about how those huge stones were dragged from quarries in the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, Wales, to their present site 140 miles away.

In early May this year, a volunteer group decided to see how many people it would take to move a similar stone weighing about a half-ton. They guessed it might take at least 15 people to move it a little bit.

But it only took 10, using rope, a wooden track and a sycamore sled. And they were able to move it along at around one mile per hour.

So less than twenty men would be needed to move one of the small Stonehenge rocks. A couple of hefty, healthy football teams (with their trainers and coaches) could have handled the big ones. No big deal. 🙂

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