Teen Tuesday: What Teens Hate to See in YA Books

Recently, The Writer’s Dig (a blog hosted by Writer’s Digest) published a guest post by teenage writer Jamie S. Margolin. Margolin has written articles for Teen Ink. One of her articles earned her an Editors Choice award and was voted #1 by readers. The Writer’s Digest article will undoubtedly increase the spotlight on this talented teen. You can read the full blog text HERE, but I’ve listed the important points below.

Do you agree with them?

Teen Poll Results: Top Mistakes Authors Make When Writing YA Books

  1. Use of OMG and other slang-speak.
  2. Love at first sight
  3. “Dark” characters so exaggeratedly haunted and psychopathic that no one could like them
  4. Stereotypes, especially racial minorities
  5. “Strong” females so tough and emotionless no one could like them
  6. “Happy Ever After” endings.

“The thing is, I’m never worried for protagonists anymore, because I already know that at the very last moment everything’s going to work out in the most convenient way. So why even bother reading the book?” –Jamie S Margolin

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in!


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Donna Maloy is a published author of fiction and plays for adults, teens, tweens and young adults. Her first book for middle grade, CELIA AND THE WOLF won the Lyra Award for best juvenile fiction in 2014. She has been teaching writing at the college and community level for more than ten years.

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1 Response to Teen Tuesday: What Teens Hate to See in YA Books

  1. Nice! I’ve read the article, it’s pretty funny. And very true.


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