Teen Tuesday: New Library Groups for Teen Writers

Google september-1st-doodle-do-not-translate-5078286822539264-hpI have a Google Alert set to tell me whenever there is a post or news item–anywhere–about “teen writers.” I have another one set to alert me to “written by teen” news.

Sometimes the Google search monkey finds articles that have all the right words but not in the right order… and then I get news stories on teen arsonists angry about grades on their written essays. (Oops, those weren’t about you,were they?)

teen computer blogging-15968_640Anyway, the point is I’ve been seen A LOT of notices about new library groups opening up everywhere for teen writers. The latest is at the new Silver Spring Library in Montgomery County, Maryland. This one will be meeting on alternate Tuesdays in the evening. The group is being sponsored by the library and the Maryland Writers’ Association.

If you’re looking for a group to join, check out your closest library first. If nothing shows up, you may want to set up a Google search for “teen writers” in your general area. Or suggest a group be formed at your library!

You might be surprised how many other teens in your area are looking for the same kind of companionship and writing support as you are. Good luck!

Donna Maloy’s first novel for teens, Celia and the Wolf, will be featured at the Texas Word Wrangler Festival and Gala, held at the library in Giddings, Texas, September 9-10.

About Donna Maloy, Author

Captivating romantic suspense. History, mystery, and sometimes... a little touch of fantasy.
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