Tuesday Teens: Best YA Books of 2015

There are actually two terrific reading lists to look at here. The 14 Best YA Books of 2015 (so far) is a roundup posted online in July, and also 10 of the Best New YA Books in August, the latest monthly list of recommended new releases. The latter post includes a description of each book along with a “Why You’ll Love It” note.

PASTE master-header-logoThe posts were all written by Eric Smith of PASTE. If you don’t know PASTE, it’s an online arts and lifestyle magazine, covering music, movies, TV, games, comedy, books, design, tech, food, drink, travel, style, comics and soccer…. whew! That’s a lot of stuff to cover. But they’re doing it well, apparently, since they get more than 5 million unique monthly visitors and have over 200,000 Twitter followers. They’ve won numerous awards, including three National Magazine Award nominations for general excellence.

By the way, if you’re also interested in any of their other topics, check out the roundups of best movies, best music, etc.



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1 Response to Tuesday Teens: Best YA Books of 2015

  1. Nina Bangs says:

    Hmm, haven’t read any of the books on either list. That’s unusual.


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