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Monday Advice from Agents and Editors: Match Dialogue to Character

When asked by a blog commenter to name the major shortcomings he sees in manuscripts, developmental editor Alan Rinzler called out–           “dialogue that all sounds like the same person.” Editor/author/writing guru James Scott Bell seconds that opinion, emphatically. He … Continue reading

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Monday Advice from Agents and Editors: Start with Character

In a recent post for Adventures in YA Publishing, Susan Hawk of The Bent Agency answered the burning question, “What would make you stop reading when reviewing sample pages?” Her answer wasn’t specifically directed to YA manuscripts. But it was surprising—at first … Continue reading

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The Best Writing Advice

John Scalzi is a Film Critic/Columnist, Writer/Editor, Freelance writer, Novelist (his own words). He’s a New York Times best seller in fiction and has won the Hugo, the Locus, the Seiun and Kurd Lasswitz awards. His works have been translated … Continue reading

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Monday Advice from Editors and Agents: Develop Interiority

INTERIORITY (according to Merriam-Webster.com) 1) interior quality or character. 2) inner life or substance; psychological existence. First known use: 1701 For a word that’s been around some 300 years, INTERIORITY had never even cleared my event horizon until I discovered … Continue reading

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Character Names

“Real World” Names There are a great many resources available for picking character names for “real world” works of fiction.  If the characters have a known ethnicity in their makeup, you can go to Google and easily search for those … Continue reading

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